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«Открытое Слово»

Privacy Policy

Privacy policy for mobile app: "Открытое Слово - христианское радио"

If you have any questions, would like to share suggestions for improving the Privacy Policy or the Service, or otherwise would like to contact us, then please feel free to contact us per contact form at https://radioslovo.net

We take steps to ensure that any information our users provide us with is treated securely and in accordance with this Privacy Policy. This Privacy Policy is related to the mobile app Service.


This Privacy Policy may be changed upon issuing new versions (updates) of the mobile app, and adding new functions to the app.


We don't collect or store our users' personal data. Anonymous information that we may receive about our users from third party services (such as Google Analytics, Google Play and others) may include: installation information (OS type, OS version), device information (device model, OS version) and information about user actions.

All the information collected is anonymous and is only used to monitor and analyze usage of the Service and to improve and enhance the Service.

Mobile Identifiers. When you are using our a mobile application, we may also automatically record your Google Advertising ID for analytics purposes. The Google Advertising ID is an anonymous identifier, provided by Google Play services. If your device has an Advertising ID, we may collect and use it for user analytics purposes.

You may reset your device’s Android advertising ID. You can do this by clicking the menu icon to display the apps list, then find and select the Google Settings icon, then find and select "Ads" and selecting "Reset advertising ID". Note that Android settings menus may vary among device manufacturers and these instructions may not be accurate for your device. You should consult Google’s settings and instructions for the most current settings information.

We do not knowingly collect, maintain, or use personal information from children.


The app may conduct background playback using the functions of your OS. You can listen to the radio while maintaining other tasks at your device.


Our app don't use user accounts. Our app don't require any personal data input.


Our app are only an intermediary between a user and broadcast streaming server. The app don't pass any information to third party streaming server.


This permission is used to stop stream radio playback upon receiving incoming phone call and to resume playback after phone call is finished.

We are not responsible for consequences of using our app, including device or software malfunctions.

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Радио «Открытое Слово» начало работу в сентябре 2017 года в городе Минске. Это христианское радио, но мы рады слушателям любого вероисповедания.

Наша цель — дать возможность людям услышать слова, музыку, которые коснуться их душ, сердец и напомнят о Боге Творце и Спасителе Иисусе Христе.

Утешайте, утешайте народ Мой, говорит Бог ваш...
...и явится слава Господня, и узрит всякая плоть спасение Божие. Ис. 40:1-5